10 Best Video Chat Apps For Android Users

Nowadays holding a video chat session is common and one of the excellent ways to interact with people. You can attend any business meeting; even employees can attend their interview without going to the venues. Video chat not only keeps its footprint in the business meet, but we also see the impact of it in our social meet up. In short, we can say this technology change the way of interaction with people.

Due to increasing the users of Smartphone, the popularity of video chat is raised. You need a high-speed Internet connection to establish a successful video conference, and in the edge of 3G and 4G technology, most of the people carry a Smartphone with high-speed internet. You can find some awesome apps to establish a successful video chat session. Today I will discuss some best video chat apps, which make the video chat much easy.

10 Best Video Chat Apps for Android



I keep “Skype” first in my video chat app list. This is very popular video chatting software I ever know. You can also add its app on your Smartphone powered by Android. You can do video calling, text messaging, document and media sharing with this beautiful app. Even you also can make a phone call to a land number or a mobile number with Skype. You need to buy credit for this.

Google Hangout


We all know Google has developed Google Hangout. It is very popular instant messaging and video chat app, and you can get its app version on your android mobile. Most of the Android phones come with default Hangout application. You can do video chat and text message with the app. You also can make a call to a landline and mobile via Google voice. Google Hangout allows you to do group video chat and you can add up to 10 people in that group.



We never ignore the impact of Viber when we talk about video calling apps. You can do call, text message and share photos to another Viber users for free. Even this app allows you to connect with Non-Viber users, but you need to buy Viber out credits for taking this facility. This application is a complete messaging solution with video and voice call. You can also get another service like Social Media Support, Android Wear Support, and Cross-Platform Support.



Wechat is also very popular messaging app along with video and voice calling features. This app introduces Friend Radar feature, which can help you to find out new friends in your location. You can also use Wechat app on your PC.

Facebook Messenger


Facebook is one of the best Social Media Platforms, and its chat messenger application is very famous. Most of the people are using Facebook to connect their friends, and you can make new friends through Facebook. Facebook Messenger is designed with various elements including text messaging, voice and video calling.



Another fantastic video chat application is ooVoo. With ooVoo, you can connect with your friends and family across the world. You can do a voice call, video chat and text message with this excellent app and you avail this facility free. You can make a group of 12 people and do video calling with good sound quality.



I keep Fring on this list. I am using this for a couple of months, and I am impressed with their services. If your friends, relatives, and your family members are using Fring, so you don’t free pay any buck for calling them. You are also allowed you text messaging, video calling to other Fring users across the world. You can make a group with four people and chat with them at a time.



LINE is one of the most famous chat messengers and now it allows you are doing video calling. This app works with all kind of operating system like Android, Windows, MAC, and Blackberry. LINE gives you the facility to shift from Video call to voice and voice call to video call anytime throughout the call. The interesting feature of the messenger is you can add your friends by sharing your ID through QR Code.



Snapchat was launched in 2011, and we consider it one of the best chat messenger apps. You can share voice messages, videos, images and much more by using Snapchat. With this trending app, you can make face-to-face conversation with your friends and family. When you send a snap to a recipient, you can set a time limit for watching the snap and the snap is automatically after that time limit. Snapchat works with Android and iOS platform.



Video chatting is the main feature of JustTalk. You can connect with your Facebook friends via Justalk. You also can get some facilities including free calls using data, group chat, etc. So if you are looking for a video chat app, then JusTalk can be a good choice.

Final Words

I have discussed some free video chat apps for Android in the article. However, the list is never ended here. You can find more apps, which can help you to make video chat session with your friends and family. Most of the apps can work over internet data and WiFi. I recommend you to use the video chat apps over WiFi because for using them over internet data; you need to spend a lot of your data plan.

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