What Should You do for Boosting WiFi Signal

Nowadays the internet is an essential part of human’s life. Before it was considered as a part of luxurious life. People found the internet in few places. But now we cannot start our day without it. For the revolution of technology the internet has been reached to the every corner of the world.

We can use the internet through broadband, SIM Card, Dongles, and Wi-Fi. Among them, Wi-Fi is the most popular technology for accessing the Internet. Let’s see how Wi-Fi brings revolution in this internet world.

  1. One of the reasons for this popularity is its wireless facility. People can use the internet on their laptop/desktop without a cable.
  2. From one Wi-Fi device, people can use the internet on multiple devices like Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.
  3. Through the Wi-Fi technology, people can access the Internet from any corner of the world.

So we never ignore the power of Wi-Fi.


However, we know sometimes the internet using through WiFi kill our patience and ruin our work and we can’t complete our important task which can be done without it. The reason of this problem is bad Wi-Fi Signal even you have a good internet connection. Though you have a good Wi-Fi router or dongle you still your internet speed is low due to bad Wi-Fi connectivity.

Tips for Boosting WiFi Signal:

There are two ways to increase your WiFi connectivity in your home and your workplace.

  1. Wireless router booster
  2. WiFi booster apps

These are two simple methods to improve your WiFi connectivity.

Wireless Router Booster

Wireless router booster is one type of hardware to extend the range of the Wi-Fi signal to get better internet connectivity. A booster is a nothing but like a regular router and sometimes smaller in size. It can help to widen the Wi-Fi range that a single Wi-Fi router can’t do this. It is crucial to select the right place for keeping the wireless booster. Try to hold it in the center of your or your workplace at height and no obstacle should be received by it.

WiFi Booster Apps

There are so many such apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store on your Android mobiles to boost your mobile internet connectivity than usual. However there are lots of confusion to understanding the usability of W-Fi booster apps, so we try to share the knowledge how it helps to boost WiFi signal on your mobile. The primary function is that it first disconnects and then reconnects your phone to the WiFi network.

If you are in a crowded zone and don’t get access internet, then the WiFi booster app extend the signal, and your can use the internet from a relatively less crowded region. If you are in a place where multiple routers are found then, WiFi booster apps connect your phone with that router which has high signal than other. These apps improve the functionality of your smartphone. It can consume the battery’s power of your mobile, and it only works when your device supports.

Other Methods for Boosting WiFi Signal

  1. You should find out a suitable location to place the router. It’s recommended to keep the at the center your home or your workstation for receiving a better internet signal.
  2. The router should not be enclosed or receive any obstacle to decrease the productivity of it.
  3. You need to buy a router which fulfills your requirement. So that you should judge the features of a router before go for it.

These are ways for boosting Wi-Fi signal. If you want to share your opinion reading the same topic, then please comment below. Please share your valuable feedback about this article.


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